Epoch 62 (02-13 / 02-14)

MASP is scheduled for 3 blocks in epoch 62. We just minted our third and last block for this epoch. Performance again 100%!

Only 3 blocks seems to be disappointing for 19.2M stake but the algorithm that handles to block assignment uses randomness. Over the last 10 epochs the pool was assigned an average of 5.9 blocks.

For example: today, we only got 3 blocks but on epoch 59 we were assigned 15 blocks.
If you stake your ADA to a staking pool, it is better to calculate ROI based on several epochs and not on 1 single day.

This morning we migrated our leader node to Jormungandr v0.8.10. This new version is said to be a great improvement over older versions: more stable and less demand on resource.

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