Epoch 211 and epoch 212

The last 10 days were very exciting but ended not as we hoped here at MASP. Due to low stake (435K ADA in epoch 211 and 455K ADA in epoch 212) MASP was not selected to mint a block. As a consequence some delegators choose to stake with a different pool. I hope they have more luck at the new pool. For epoch 213 MASP now has 153.29k ADA. This is not much but nothing is impossible. Let’s hope we get a block in epoch 213!

PoolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0
E-mail: info@masp-pool.nl
PGP fingerprint: AABB BE25 00F6 C98C FE86  5DC6 EA76 C860 D5D0 537D

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