Shelley is now!

Last night was a very hectic and emotional night. Right after the first block in epoch 208 many stake pool owner were working hard to register their pools on the new Shelley network and within a few minutes pools were appearing on

MASP was around the 20th pool to be registered but soon after that pools were pupping up like crazy! The question then rises how to choose a pool to stake your ADA to. That is going to be your own choice and I can only give you some reasons to choose MASP:

– We are a small and independent pool. Decentralisation!
– We only have a variable fee of 1%
– We will donate 10% of our profit to a charity or research initiative. Twice a year I will report back to you about this donation.
– We will put to other 90% of our profit back in our pledge to the MASP pool. Currently our pledge is 50K ADA.
– We have no fancy website (what you see is what you get)

MASP poolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0


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