Epoch 65 (02-16 / 02-17)

MASP is scheduled for 8 blocks in epoch 65. We minted 3 blocks so far but unfortunately missed 2 blocks due to an error in de node. We rebooted the server and the next block was minted correctly. We just minted our last and 6th block of this epoch. Performance 6 out of 8 is 75%.

17 epochs ago a big ADA invester staked a total of 82.5M ADA with our pool and 4 other pools (ONYX, VALUE, SAS1 and KKTRN). Each pool got 16.5M ADA. Today, all 5 pools lost this delegation. For MASP, this means we lost the majority of our stake and block assignment will be scarce.

We are looking for new stakers!

– MASP minted 90% of assigned blocks over the last 5 epochs.
– MASP had a Return of Stake of 10.1% over the last 5 epochs.

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