Staking is contributing!

Hi all! I have been very busy with my day time job but the pool is still running very smooth and we already made 3 blocks. At the moment, we are waiting for our fourth block and for more stake. We are still committed to donate 10% of our rewards to KIVA. This means that you can stake (and earn ADA) and contribute to a better life for struggling people around the world.

The three blocks MASP made resulted in 3 loans to KIVA lenders:

You can view the lending page of MASP here.

KIVA – Make a loan, change a life.

Here at MASP we are still committed to donate 10% of our pool income to a charity fund. For years we already lent money through KIVA ( and today we decided that KIVA would be the non-profit organisation MASP is going to donate to. Check out our lender page (

We also joined team Cardano Community ( Stake your ADA at MASP and contribute!

PoolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0

MASP welcomes new delegates

On December, 6th (epoch 234) the k-parameter will change from 150 to 500 meaning that Cardano is now aiming to support 500 stake pools. As a consequence of this the saturation point of a stake pool is lowered from 220 M ADA to 64 M ADA. If you delegate to a saturated stake pool this means that you will miss out on rewards. Your ROS will be suboptimal.

Of course, Moving Average Stake Pool is happily welcoming your stake and we will assure you that your ROS will be back to optimal levels in no time.

Check MASP on and you will notice that we are reporting our current block height. So, you can always check if our pool is active!

The wait is over: first block on mainnet.

Here at MASP we are over the moon. We never doubted our pool setup but we had to wait a long time before the first block was forged. Now that time has come. A huge thank you to the one and only delegator that kept faith in MASP and stayed with us during all those long epochs. We hope your reward is sweet!

For any new delegators: now you have proof that MASP can forge blocks nothing should stop you from delegating to us. Look for that ticker MASP or search with our pool Id 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0

Game on!

Pool monitoring

Here at Moving Average Stake Pool we closely watch our node and relays through a Grafana monitoring dashboard:

Grafana dashboard showing all relevant stats for the block producing node and its 2 relays

If you have any questions regarding our stake pool or how to stake your ADA with MASP feel free to send us an (encrypted) email or contact us at our telegram channel:
PoolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0
PGP fingerprint: AABB BE25 00F6 C98C FE86  5DC6 EA76 C860 D5D0 537D

Epoch 211 and epoch 212

The last 10 days were very exciting but ended not as we hoped here at MASP. Due to low stake (435K ADA in epoch 211 and 455K ADA in epoch 212) MASP was not selected to mint a block. As a consequence some delegators choose to stake with a different pool. I hope they have more luck at the new pool. For epoch 213 MASP now has 153.29k ADA. This is not much but nothing is impossible. Let’s hope we get a block in epoch 213!

PoolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0
PGP fingerprint: AABB BE25 00F6 C98C FE86  5DC6 EA76 C860 D5D0 537D

We raised our pledge!

As of now, we raised our pledge from 50K to 75K ADA to show our commitment to the pool. For now MASP has 470.48k stake. This is not enough to mint a block every epoch. However, if we do mint a block, the rewards are going to be very good as we only have to divide the rewards among a few stakers.

If you want to be part of our stake pool just find our ticker MASP in Daedalus and stake your ADA

Shelley is now!

Last night was a very hectic and emotional night. Right after the first block in epoch 208 many stake pool owner were working hard to register their pools on the new Shelley network and within a few minutes pools were appearing on

MASP was around the 20th pool to be registered but soon after that pools were pupping up like crazy! The question then rises how to choose a pool to stake your ADA to. That is going to be your own choice and I can only give you some reasons to choose MASP:

– We are a small and independent pool. Decentralisation!
– We only have a variable fee of 1%
– We will donate 10% of our profit to a charity or research initiative. Twice a year I will report back to you about this donation.
– We will put to other 90% of our profit back in our pledge to the MASP pool. Currently our pledge is 50K ADA.
– We have no fancy website (what you see is what you get)

MASP poolId: 88056a745a81bdefd95359c43e71eb52e04c878507a24e88ff3ca3c0



Today at 21:44:51 UTC the hard fork on the Byron mainnet will occur and we will transition to the Shelley mainnet. With Shelley comes staking and here at Moving Average Stake Pool we are ready for Shelley.
As of now, we have switched our nodes (1 block producing and 2 relay nodes) to the mainnet. Directly after the hard fork we will register our pool and shortly after that we will appear in the new Daedalus. You can then stake with us. We would really appreciate your ADA!